Tall Grass?


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Can someone identify what this tall grass is? Captured along in a drainage ditch along the road mid-state MN. Thinking it would make a great wildlife screen.

Phragmite if I recall the name but as I recall it's bad news and highly invasive to anyplace that has wet soil. I could be wrong as I am sure others are far more familiar with the stuff than I, but I think that is what you have a picture of there.
I believe the farmer planted it in a lower, wet area of his hay field. It has not spread in the past couple of years that I can tell. I've admired how it grows and stands each year through winter. Better than the Big Bluestem & Indian Grass mix I'm trying to get established for my screen.
That is the non native, invasive variety of phragmites.

But if you need a screen, I doubt anything would work better.
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