T/C Impact Breech Plug


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Hello, I own a T/C Impact muzzleloader and I’m in search of a breech plug. This is a triple lead thread breech plug. I’ve had no luck anywhere since Smith and Wesson bought them out years ago. Any information would be greatly appreciated!
I hesitate to even give you this link, because I'm not sure if this place can be trusted. I have no experience with it, and I have read reviews where some folks have had bad experiences. However, they do show that they have the plug, and you said, "...any information would be appreciated...."

My advice is to proceed with caution.

Most, not all, of the bogus sites won’t let you pay by credit card. It appears this one will although I didn’t put anything in the cart to see. I usually put something in the cart and see what happens next, then make my decision to go forward or not.
I’ve been to the site about 4 days ago, put it in the cart and put my information in… it will not let me click the purchase button. I’ve also sent several emails with no return email yet.
Some of these sites are setup simply to collect marketing data for resale. It is not uncommon for them to collect your information and then not complete the sale. Sometimes, they will have a very low price to entice folks. They are slightly different than the sites that try to steal your money by requiring person-person payment systems.

Whether this is one of those sites or not, I don know. While making sure you can use a credit card to pay is a good practice with an unknown site, it is not an indicator of these information collection sites as the sales may not come to fruition.

I was a bit TC guy prior to the S&W take-over. They were some of the most simple and flexible firearms at a reasonable cost. When S&W shut down production, the only option was gun broker and prices went crazy. I paid as much for used Encore action on Gunbroker as I paid for a new entire encore from TC when they were in production.
I did use a credit card when trying to purchase. I have up on that particular page and got lucky. I found one on eBay for a decent price. Brand new. Thank you for the advice yoderjac!
If you put in all the credit care information including exp date, security code, and billing zip, I would keep an eye o that card for the next few months for fraudulent purchases. The could be selling the CC info. Glad to hear you found one!