Swamp White Oak


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I want to get this thread going so the users that have them can post about them. I planted 10 bare root back in December/January. Consider this post the starting point.
I can tell you that swamp white were the only whites that dropped on my farm last year. Hunting near one of them was almost unfair :)
I had quite a few on my old farm. They were good producers. None on my current farm. However my neighbor has quite a few but I've only seen acorns on them one time in the last four autumns. I have permission to take as many acorns as I want so I will keep checking. Most of the few oaks I have are pin oaks. I have never seen an acorn on them. I wonder if the late frosts my area gets keeps them from ever having a chance. My fruit trees have been ok so who knows.
I don't have any swo but have planted a lot of Schuette oak at my place--which is a swo x bur cross. Started all from seed so I hope to see an acorn in my lifetime.
I planted a lot of what I believe to be schuettes oak the last few years from a tree I grew from an acorn about 16years ago.
Last fall I planted 2 Bucks Unlimited Oaks which are SWO and a Kimberley Oak which is a natural cross between Bur and SWO. They were potted trees and seem to be doing very well so far. I really hope they do what the descriptions in the catalog said.
I've got a few SWO's that I grew from acorns in Iowa that are growing like crazy. Love them things.
Wayne,I have a huge swamp White oak in my backyard,sometime Id like you to drop by and help me make a positive ID and them we have a great nut resource,I need about 10=15 of these on my place,down in that botton I think
That would be one rootmaker 18 tray. Should not be a problem. Just watch it to see when they start dropping.
To me, they are the best the white oak variety has to offer for my area. Grows on everything my farm can throw at it and seems to always have acorns. Even the hard frost of 2007 could not stop some of the swo's from producing acorns.
I planted out a hundred of them over a decade ago. They competed with vegetation until they finally shot over it. They are now between 12-20 feet tall depending on their location. Ive gotten acorns from those trees, but just starting to get production from most of them.

Ive also planted 100's in the Little Blue bottoms. Just too early yet to say how they are going to do.
I apologize for being off subject, but thought this related to the subject of Swamp Oak and you guys would appreciate as tree guys. I was out in New York City last week for work, and had the opportunity to visit the 9/11 memorial and museum. The courtyard around the memorial is planted in 400 Swamp Oaks. I was very moved by the recognition of the tree because I love watching them grow on my little slice of land in Central MN, and this wonderful tree was planted to bring healing to the people and the soil at that spot.
My FIL has a huge swamp white oak in his backyard and it's loaded with acorns. I read online that when the acorns fall, they need to be put into the ground quickly (within 2 weeks) for germination. Anyone with experience on this that can advise? I'd like to plant 50-100 at the Lodge this fall.
They dont have to be, you could put them in the fridge like any other white oak to delay the germination process. Most white oaks tend to grow a radicle immediately in damp/hot conditions so storing them cold slows it.