Surprise Buck


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I have no idea what buck this is. I never saw him in the fields during the summer and no trail cam pics.

Hunting an east wind in a creek bottom on the edge of a bedding thicket and a field. 5 does came out of the thicket early with 3 feeding towards my brassica plot 400 yards to the north. It was getting late when 3 bucks came running over the hill from my neighbors and thats all she wrote.

What is the live weight conversion of a deer that weighs 145 dressed?

IMG_4315.jpg IMG_4324.jpg
Very nice buck ! If you use the 30% factor, he went closer to 200 lb., but I'm not sure that's right. Some day I'm gonna weigh one both ways and find out. Maybe.

We see surprise bucks every year on my places. We get pics of bucks all summer, then when they lose their velvet they're just gone. It ain't all bad though, your surprise was a good one !
I am guessing this deer was 4.5. The weight is greater than a 3.5 yo which seem to average 170-175 on my place. I'll pull he jaw bone and try my hand at that it has been awhile.

Like the surprise buck. Harvest a nice one and the 13 pt. and big 8 I have been hunting are maybe still running around.

My neighbor helped me hang him and got a text from another neighbor that had seen the 13 in his headlights cross the state road onto his piece headed towards my place as well 5 mins before.