Summer Progression


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If I can, I'd like to show the progression of a handful of 3yr old and up deer we have on our property. First one is a 4 x 3 with double split brows and a kicker. Cool looking deer.

7.8 (2).jpg
Next deer is either 2 or 3, guessing 3. Should be on the pass list this year but nice up and comer. 7.1.jpg
Next two are two shooters. I believe both to be 4 or 5 year old deer. Would be curious your opinion. This one is 'Lefty' because his left side is unique while his right is typical 4 pts. 6.28 (2).jpg
Last one is the one I'll be after, I think he's at least 4, maybe 5. He's a tank, and a perfect 8. I love big 8's. I think he could push 150" all said and done.

Early pic, big body for time of year.
6.8 (2).jpg
Most recent (sorry for quality) must have had fog or some moisture. Can still see his progression. 7.18 (4).jpg