Stratton Seed Heritage Blend


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Has anyone planted this? It similar to what I had mixed this year for my summer plots. I’m curious as to what ratio you think the blend is and if you’d make any changes.

Looks like a good variety. Did you work ground for your mix, or just throw and mow?
A lot of their blends sound interesting, and not horribly priced. I heard about them on the Land and Legacy podcast. Haven't looked to see if I had any local dealers.
The areas I plant were all first time plots. Most were old Bermuda pasture. I sprayed 2x, but was probably a little early. It appeared that I got a good kill, but then came the rain and warm weather. I’ve got some good growth, but the Bermuda has come back pretty heavy in spots. I’ll get a better kill before planting for the fall

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Just to clarify - I did not plant the Stratton Seed blend, but had something mixed up that is similar in composition to their blend.