Spring tooth chisel plow (Cultivator) or Spring tooth harrow?


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Is the only difference that the chisel plow is stronger because of the design of the tooth?

By definition, a chisel plow disturbs the surface of the soil very little ,leaving organic matter pretty much in place. Typically cuts a very narrow trench 6" or 8" in the soil depositing some sub soil on the surface. Shanks can have some spring to them .Requires usually less horsepower than mold board. From there basically we go to rippers and sub soil rippers to break up plow pan.8-12". Very stiff shanks more horsepower the deeper you go, fewer shanks.
The really springy stuff gets into the field cultivator which is shallow depth wise.
A harrow can be a disc.
Spring tooth harrows bring rocks , roots and debris to the surface. shallow cultivation.
There's more if someone wants to get into the multi function applications and I am only familiar with a little bit of whats out there.

So it's shanks are stiffer sprung or rigid with a number of choices on points or sweeps.





Perfect for rocky ground!

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