Spring Pictures

My nectarines are just starting to bloom
Not much blooming here luckily yet. Heavy freeze past week.

And it’s so hard to social distance here. Just look at all the people!

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How do you know I’m not hiding on that far mountainside? :D Great pics Dogghr.
Here's a few from this past weekend after spending my time social distancing.
Mown weeds to make look like sod. Even striped it.
20200330 Mown lawn.JPG
Kieffer's are loaded this year. Just waiting on my usual April frost to kill em.
20200330 baby pears.JPG

Late Saturday decided to take the electric bike for a spin around the farm. Came upon a short stretch of black muck but thought I could make it thru. Didn't work out well.
20200330 Bike Wreck.jpg
20200330 wreck aftermath.jpg
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^^^^^^lmao. Looks like a hold my beer and watch this moment!! Pretty place

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