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Blizzard Ridge

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I am going to keep this as unpolitical as possible but after reading an article this morning it disturbed me even more than I already was. This especially affects people in Illinois. I see everyday where there are few more murders in Chicago and of course the media will attack our guns. Illinois already has some of the toughest gun laws in America but it is looking like things might get worse on them in the future. I just do not understand how inner city crime in one city can dictate laws for an entire state. Especially when those said stricter laws are having no effect what so ever, actually possibly making things worse as law abiding citizens can no longer protect themselves. And don't even get me started on the police thing!

Sorry for the rant but damn this is everyday anymore. This is the #1 reason that hunters, gun owners need to band together before it is too late IMO. My family and I may have to relocate to a new state I hear Kentucky is nice this time of year.
Blizzard, you are fighting the Chicago political machine that started with the 1st mayor Daley back in the 1950's. That office has run the state ever since that time. Don't fight it....move!
I lived there for 10 years and finally had enough.
I tell you what it is coming to that point. I am from the east central part of the state actually closer to Indianapolis and St. Louis then Chicago. It is frustrating seeing everything North of I-80 dictating 95% of state. I wish it was just the guns thing that was the problem but between that, higher taxes, no jobs, hell they can't even come up with a budget so that schools and communities can be funded.

Here is another example: Back a couple years ago I coached high school football. Our high school team had a dominate run in small school football playoffs with 12 years in a row making an Elite 8 or better with 2 State Runner-Up teams during that time. Here was the problem IHSA changed the rules so that private schools, ie. Chicago Schools could make the playoffs. Basically a team had to go 5-4, if that team had not made the playoffs in 3 years they waived their private school multiplier. Mind you our school was a 2A borderline 1A school, actually usually the smallest school in 2A. These private schools played a 5A - 6A type of schedule and years where they were not consecutive year losers they played in 4A - 6A playoffs. Some of the Illinois folks on here may remember this but a team from Elmhurst (Chicago) drops to the 2A playoffs. Of course they run the table destroying every 2A team along the way including us in the state championship. Of course several players off of their team go on to play college football, some of which played Division 1 ball. Mind you a private school in Elmhurst is drawing from a population of 100s of thousands compared to a public school drawing out of a town of 2000.

Just another example on how Chicago rules dictate the State of Illinois. Our school has been to 3 State Championships, winning 1 and beating a school that now is a 6A school. Only one of the losses was to a public school. Also this is not counting the numerous losses obtained in the playoffs to private Chicago or Northern schools in final 4's and Elite 8's. If I could convince my wife we would start looking at some other states. I can always travel to Illinois to run the hunting leases.
I lived in a Chicago suburb for 10 years and I believe every year I was there the teachers union was on strike for one thing or another. Who loses ? That's one screwed up system. When my wife and I decided to have kids, we left the state. I really wanted to go to southern Illinois but I knew I had to leave the state. Good luck to you but don't think that it's going to change. I left 18 years ago.
I agree with you Jeff. I think it is a losing battle. Yes our school systems are taking a beating. I have some friends that are administrators and teachers. They really are not even allowed to teach anymore. The state ties their hands bout the same way they do our law enforcement.
Hey law enforcement is tough no matter where you are. I had dinner with a friend last night that works for Mo Highway Patrol. He is a Commercial Vehicle Inspector. He is issued body armor but not issued a duty weapon. He has a conceal carry license but not allowed to carry it while on duty. Just Nuts! I have friends in law enforcement in Memphis, Chicago, and Houston as well. Plenty of similar stories to go around. All the while nut jobs are out there taking shots at these guys just because they are cops. It can be a very stressful job.
Yes I have family and several friends that are cops. It is a very stressful time for them especially in this last year it has became even worse. Being spit on and threatened and can not do anything about it.
Blizzard, go east young man, the Hoosier State would love to have you. The Cato Institute ranked Indiana #3 in personal and economic freedom in the US. Lower taxes, a fiscally solvent state without bankrupt pensions, the first state to scrap the common core federal educational "standards", right to work, castle doctrine, residents and nonresidents can get a CCW for $10 with no training requirement....just a few reasons to head east. While we're on it, can we just give Northwest indiana to you guys - East Chicago, Hammond and Gary? That way the Chicago murder rate numbers would be accurate and our dole bludger numbers would be accurate.
Sounds like a plan. My son is working on a transfer from ND to down by Vincennes within the company he works for. I know what you mean about the East Chicago area. I can remember back many moons ago when I was working around Gary that the National Guard was called in to gain control of the gang bangers up there. It is just an extension of Chicago. I sent my wife to get her CCW in Illinois last year. I still have yet to get mine but do have certificate for a free class I purchased at a benefit auction. I think it is time to get mine. That is great you guys scraped common core, I think I mentioned earlier I have a few buddies that are teachers and administrators and they are at their wits end with common core. Basically teachers don't have the opportunity to teach anymore.

I live 7 miles from Terre Haute, 2 miles to the state line so it would not be that big of a move to head East and may happen soon.
2 miles! That's great you could actually do it and not have to leave anything behind. Illinois is a great state, it's just a shame the stranglehold that Chicago has on Springfield. As you pointed out, at least Chicago has done the service of proving gun control doesn't work. My niece's common core math is mind boggling, there's no justification for the over complication of basic math. I'm almost convinced they're trying to dumb down the next generation. I feel for the teachers who are forced to go along with it against their will. Well, I better give it a rest before I get too political. My apologies if that line is already crossed, I always liked the fact that politics was kept off the old board but sometimes it's good to blow a little steam off.