Some states prohibit the use of minerals/bait this time of year


My state is one (Michigan) and I put together a two minute video yesterday composed of three recent videos showing reaction to the smell of urine (mine) as a method of attracting deer to the camera. There are several areas on the property that look much the same, dark soil that seems to get a lot of natural attention, especially after a good rain, when dried up they are totally ignored
Just a few daytime visitors, my homebrew video unit has no capability for capturing viewable vids taken after dark as there is no light source. If you click on the word vimeo, then the square with the 4 arrows, the vid should be able to be viewed full screen.
We have been under a mineral/ bait ban since 2008 I believe due to a positive cwd test on a pen raised deer during the summer of that year.
This past winter/spring there were other positive cwd cases confirmed involving a free ranging, but densely populated herd located in a lower, mid area section of the state. A containment zone has been established and hired sharpshooters have been and are currently trying to eradicate the entire population within the core area of that zone.
Hopefully the measures being taken will prevent the disease from being spread to a larger area of the state, only time will tell.
I'm in Michigan too but where I hunt (Upper Newaygo County) baits and minerals are legal. I am well outside of the most recent containment zone though.
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Still legal here in Isabella county for 3 months of the year as well, no deer have tested positive for cwd yet.
It wasn't to long ago that the DNR shut baiting down in the whole state because of a few positive tests.

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