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Well since its cold and rainy again, I'm trapped in house. Thot Id share this web page. It allows you to get a soil type of sorts from govt readings. Kinda cool, and can be kinda depressing depending on where you live. My bedrock is about 16 inches deep which unfortunately I know when trying to plant trees. The other not too happy news is the water retention capabilities of my soil is but about 1".
Gives a lot of info you may not realize as growing dates, precip avg, and mean temps. Typical govt stuff the requires a bit of figuring out how to access info. Enjoy.

And another. These are downloadable in PDF and are pages long. Great descriptions of in depth reading of soil types and then analysis for your county. It can be pages long but interesting and gives good descriptions of understanding. The most recent analysis is not always available in PDF but may have to backtrack 20-50 yrs. But basics remain the same.
Only food plotting nerds would bother with this stuff which means most of us on this forum would fit that category.
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Thanks for that dogghr! There are other applications that may or may not (!) be easier to use.
Here's a list provide by NRCS. Typical government stuff, but, so far, it's still available!

Soil maps, data, & mobile apps
Title: SoilWeb

Description: The SoilWeb app provides GPS based, real-time access to USDA-NRCS soil survey data, formatted for mobile devices. This application retrieves graphical summaries of soil types associated with the user's current geographic location. Images are linked to detailed information on the named soils. The app is available for iPhone
and Android
users, and Google Maps and Google Earth also interface with this application. This application was developed in a partnership between UC Davis California and NRCS.