So....Racoons eat Wasps? No good for Tree tubes!


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While planting our plots this weekend I notices that several (10-20) of our tree tubes were mangled pretty bad.....some were slid down the stake about 2 ft with the tops shredded. This was not the case a week or so ago and I was pretty confused. I took a closer look at it appears that raccoons (I assume) are climbing the tubes to eat wasp nests that are inside the top of the tubes. Lots of claw marks and mangled top of the tubes are the main evidence, plus the fact that their fat asses weight are too much to be supported by the tube.

Anyone else have this happen? I am going to have to try and do something about it because it looks like they have killed the top of a few of the trees as they were biting/clawing around.
Do you have mesh covers over the top of the tubes? I've had raccoons do that to a few of mine also. Wasps do not get into the tubes that have the covers. Also keeps birds from falling into the tubes and dying.
Your other option is eliminate what's drawing the coons to your tubes. Spray the insides of the tubes a few times a year with permethrin and a spreader/sticker and you'll take care of the wasp issue.