Sneaky B

John Paul

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These are the only photos I have of this buck after the 2015 season closed. Never had any before these and this camera is smack dab in the middle of our property.



Out of the blue I get these photos a few weeks ago. Crazy how they can disappear like this and reappear for no good reason.

I know I have seen studies published where bucks take a "vacation" to distant places from time to time for no explained reason. They seem to stay in that area for a while and then go back "home". For some reason this may be the case with this deer. Their may be some sort activity going on near his normal core range so he is out visiting or maybe even searching for early does.... Shot him....then ask questions!
Hows the season looking up in Va. ? Glad to see you posting pics again.

Looking good but will be some tough hunting. Loads of acorns this year. Food everywhere makes for tough early season hunting for us.

I've been around just busy with a new baby in the house and more cows to take care of.

We have a lot of young talent running around this year. This guy is 4.5 this Fall and I hope he falls in a hole for the next 95 days. Could be a giant in a few years.

This freak is starting to look really good.

Big 11pt that's camera shy.


Another younger buck is love to see in a year or two.

Where are you hunting in VA? I'm from the Shenandoah Valley but do most of our hunting over the mountain in WV.
Cool. That gives me great hope. The greatest buck ever on my farm disappeared after 2015 season. He's the kind of buck that you would probably hear about if he was killed. Hoping he returns.