Smartweed in clover


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With the wet summer I am getting smartweed in the clover. Do deer eat it? If not, will something kill it but spare the clover?
Smartweed is the plant from hell. I have a section of it on a low spot in one plot that I've sprayed with heavy doses of Gly. The first spraying set it back a bit. The second spraying three weeks later killed about three quarters of it, but it's coming back. I don't see how anything that kills that miserable stuff won't also kill any clover in the area.
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Butyrac 200 (2-4db)

I have never used it on smartweed but it is on the label to control smartweed. Might take several sprayings. Like stated it is one tough plant that is a very heavy seed producer.
Smartweed laughs at my gly for the most part. That and nutsedge are my biggest nemesis in clover.
Raptor or Clearcast are the only two herbicides that I have found to be effective on smartweed while still sparing the clover.

My smartweed laughs at Butyrac and only gets slightly ticked off about gly.
Raptor has worked for me. When my bottle runs out I will be trying Clearcast. Same stuff but cheaper.