Slug barrel on shotgun


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I currently have a rifled slug barrel for my 870 express shotgun I do not want it anymore due to price of slugs to shoot it..I'm thinking on getting me a smooth bore then can sight it in alot cheaper then the rifled barrel.. can I guy still get replacement slug barrels for an 870

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Also keep in mind the accuracy loss you will suffer with a smooth bore. I had a smooth bore slug barrel (different gun than you) and the foster (pumpkin ball) slugs are a lot cheaper (about 1/2 the cost) , but accuracy limited me to 50 to 75 yards tops. I missed a deer of a lifetime because of that stupid barrel/ammo. I went out that weekend and bought a fully rifled barrel and scope and new ammo. Yes the slugs are more expensive, but I nearly doubled my effective range. As few rounds I shoot every year (beyond getting the scope set) - it was all well worth it.

I would suggest looking on classifieds and the like as many of those guns came with a smooth bore slug barrel when purchased and many folks upgraded and now that barrel just collects dust. I would not buy a new one.....didn;t go into detail, but Bass Pro lists new barrels for an 870 at $220 as a starting price.

I bought my barrel and scope combo at my "local" bass-pro. Fully rifled is the way to go - even if the ammo costs more. Just my experience.
Not sure about your regulations, but I often used my muzzleloader instead as ammo was cheaper with better accuracy and range over my old smooth bore slug gun.
A box of the most expensive slugs is about $20. Five slugs should equal five dead deer. $4 per deer doesn't seem very expensive to me in comparison to a new barrel plus a smooth bore is not going to be nearly as accurate.
I agree you are not going to come even close to the accuracy you have with your rifled slug barrel. Yes slugs are expensive. I mention it every year. But...I would never go back to my old smooth bore 1100 I shot as a kid. I have a H&R single shot slug gun and will never own another slug gun unless I somehow tore this one up and then I would just hunt down another identical H&R to replace it. Someone mentioned above you get 5 slugs to a box and it should only take one slug to kill a deer. IF your state allows two deer a year with gun then you have $8 max in your season. When I sight mine in before season I go out and shoot one or two shots to make sure the scope is still on and off I go. One box of slugs gets me through the year. Heck I still have all but one of the slugs from this year because I didn't shoot a deer with a gun and only shot once to check my scope.

I'd stick with that rifled barrel and good luck!