Shelterwood cut experiences and questions


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We had a forestry management plan put together by a PA state forestor around 2009. The plan calls for a shelterwood cut between 2019-2025. The property is 150 acres, mostly wooded. We're starting to get serious about making it happen. I'm curious what folks have done to prep for these types of cuts. We have some invasive species, mainly barberry and autumn olive in the areas where the cut will happen. We're getting serious about killing these this spring/summer. Our area of PA also has other problematic/competitive species. The big concerns are ferns, beech and limited striped maple. How have others dealt with handling these species, or similar issues, in prep for a cut?

Do we need to completely wipe out the ferns? Handle any thing areas? Eliminating them completely on 150 acres seems like a lot of work and/or expensive.
Controlling Understory Fern Competition for Regeneration Success (

Regarding things like beech and striped maple, should that be handled before, or can it happen during the cut? Have the logger stump spray them?

I'd love any other feedback/suggestions/experiences.

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