Shaded screen


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I mentioned this on the other site: I need a screen in a heavily shaded steep area. I do not want to cut trees for 2 reasons: I'm afraid of erosion in this spot and it wouldn't do much good because the trees across the street with still shade it. It is so steep that if I planted something next to the road it would have to grow 8 foot before it was level with the road. I'm leaning toward woodvine right now, but this might not do much for me. I could screen at the bottom of the hill across the creek, but it would not protect a popular stream crossing. Hemlock?

Not the best picture, but might give an idea. This is the shot standing on the road looking down the hill.

Looking up into the neighbor's farm.
That's a very heavy canopy. Shade tolerant trees are Eastern Red Cedar, Red Bud, Canadian Hemlock and Allegheny Service Berry. Keep in mind that plants grown in shade will not be as full and robust as they would in partial Sun.
Spicebush would grow towards the bottom of the hill. Ive never considered it much good for screening, but if planted tight in a row you would get some after leaf drop. Screening during leaf would be good. Spicebush loves shade and moisture.
Screening in shaded areas is just tough.
Another thought... cut the big junk trees to open the canopy. You'd get thick regen and wouldn't have to plant. ;-)
Thanks. You have given me a few more ideas to throw around. I think I would need 20 foot posts here if I were just build a fence. The old farm fence is drove into the rocks of the berm of the road; not sure that county will appreciate me planting things there.