seeding a gun range

Jeff H

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A good friend of mine has just finished a project where he has almost doubled the size of an existing gun range. I recommended that he seed the new berms to prevent erosion and that they do it immediately before undesirables take over. The site is 20 acres, the actual range is approximately 13 acres. I've tried to calculate the new berms and areas not in gravel now and have come up with just over 3 acres. I added 30 % to account for the rise in berms vs flat area. I have no idea if that is accurate or not.
The area needing to be seeded for erosion control is poor soil. Mostly red clay with a lot of rock. There has been no soil test and will likely not be a soil test. There also will be no maintenance to whatever is planted as they have no equipment to mow with. They are ok with a food plot type of seeding and there are actually quite a few deer and turkey there. I'm thinking deer may actually help maintain it to some extent but the main goal is erosion control.
Any recommendations as to what to seed with ?
Lbs/acre ?
Fertilizer ?
Here is an older picture of the site:
Perennial ryegrass is pretty hardy stuff that doesn't need to be mowed but it is not the best looking at it from a deer and turkey prospective.