Seed longevity


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So this is all the seed I bought in the spring planning on having a great food plotting season and then my life got in the way and I never made it up to Camp to do anything so my question is if I leave it all sealed can I use it next year

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You should be fine. It might not do as well as fresh, but I sure wouldn't throw it out or feel forced to use it in a way you really don't want to. Store it in a hard plastic sealed container.....mice will find a way into it. Keep it away from extreme temps and moisture and you should be fine.
Do as Jbird said. If you want, next year you can put 25-50 seeds in spread in damp paper towel in ziplock and ck in 7-10 days and dertermine germ rate. I'm sure it will still be fine. I've used seed 3+ yrs old with no problem but sometimes up the rate when planting. Prob half the seed sold is retagged from no sale previous year most likely.
Another option for the brassica if you want, you could overseed a clover or grass/fescue field with it and probably get decent growth from it. The fescue I would mow after broadcast.
Just put it in a plastic storage container and store it in a cool place. I have left some in the bag for a year in a shed that got extremely hot and cold with no protection. All of it germinated very well for me this year. It will be fine.
What they said on protecting from high/low temps is best ...only seed I know of that really goes down hill fast is soybeans ...many times I have had a big farmer friend give me his planter clean outs now for several years ...but still left me a couple of bags short each year so I would buy this years beans (same brand and model) as the year old beans plant them side by side same field ...bottom line after years of compensating/figuring etc ...I add 15% to the planting rate for each year of age of the bean ...Corn only needs 5%/Year planting rate increase ...wheat ....I think you could plant wheat that has come out of an Egyptian Tomb!