Second buckwheat crop -- need advice from buckwheat experts


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I planted buckwheat in early summer (first time - great results), then disked it under and drilled in radish/turnip mix for fall hunting draw.

Ended up producing a tremendous second crop of the buckwheat, since it had gone to seed before disking. The radish and turnip are coming up great too, but of course are not growing as fast as the buckwheat.

Do I need to be concerned about buckwheat shading/stunting the more important radish and turnip mix? That's what I need to be flourishing as bow season approaches Oct 1 and gun season Nov 15.


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No, you will be fine. Buckwheat has a very low cold tolerance. It will die on your first frost.
If it looks something like this, rest assured that the first hard frost will terminate the BW and make the brassicas even more attractive.