Sawtooth Oak Stratification?


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I have done a few google searches and get conflicting information - but wondering if sawtooth oaks require cold stratification?
I have always been told they do need stratification. I stratified mine for 60 days.
They can handle stratification well. I wanted to grow mine after I had started a bunch of other stuff. Put mine in the fridge and let them for over 4 months. Then I stuck them in rm 18s with pro mix. They germinated extremely well.

I think they are a great wildlife tree! Is stratification required - I believe the answer is no. Will I stratify mine - you bet I will. :)
I have heard they don't require stratification, but from experience growing them......they are one of the BEST ones to stick in a fridge and forget about! They just sit in their bag patiently until you are ready for mold, no nothing!
I always stratify mine. Main reason is I've watched them and they don't tend to germinate until it's been cold for a while then starts to warm up. They'll last in a frig for a LONG time.
Accidentally left a baggie of them in peat in the garage last fall when I was packing them up for stratification. They sat for a little over a week in the warm moist peat before I realized I had left them out.... Almost every single acorn had sprouted and had a radicle. Some of them had 2-3" roots already. I went ahead and planted them and have almost 100% success rate with them.

On the flip side, I have almost 100% success rate with the ones that were stratified as well. They are very vigorous trees/seeds no doubt. By far the easiest to grow IMO.

So I think either way you go you will be fine.
i put every acorn i grow no matter white/red or otherwise in the fridge for a few months. I try not to start any tree indoor before mid january or they are to big by spring for me to deal with indoors. I only grow about 36 at a time in express 18s and a few 1 gallons.