Saved Soybean Seed.

Doe Shooter

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We planted a non round up soybean this year. I had planned to save some seed for plots next year. We had a pretty good size pile that spilled during transfer to the buggy so I wanted to collect it so not to be wasteful. Well I did not get to it right away, By the time I did some had began to sprout and I had some white mold/fungus looking stuff growing on some of it.
I put it in a concrete mixer and spin it a couple times a day and have a fan blowing into the barrel. no heat. Anyone got any experience with treating the seed for mold /fungus. I've doing some germination tests and have been getting about 30% success with the mold/fungus reappearing and killing some of the germination.
Would captan help?

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I agree. If you're doing all the other work to make a food plot go, don't knowingly cut yourself short by using junk seed.