Santa's List for DHF members


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The Dixieland Elf on the Shelf did some Christmas shopping this year for Deerhunter Forum members. The naughty list was longer than the nice, so he just did the best he could. Any errors or omissions, blame it on the Russians who only say Happy Holidays!

The 2017 gifts are:

Brushpile - ap, direct line to the man upstairs, and a full rain gauge

OkieKubota and Mrs. Kubota – a new freezer and a blank wall

dogghr – complete set of Dr. Seuss books

Native Hunter - Photoshop software to place those big bucks right in front of the old barn

Triple C – a Bulldog National Championship

THE LLC – a White Christmas

cutman – a Big Green Egg to smoke all those turkeys

emetzger – a bigger “honey” do list

keithw247 – a “mud room” entrance to the “cabin”---to protect those shiny floors

buckhunter10 – tickets to the Sugar Bowl

G3 Ranch – more updates to The G3 Ranch Thread

Merle Hawggard – a Christmas tree grafted with every apple variety in Arkansas

George – expanded bandwidth for posting mountain pictures for low country members to enjoy

E_308 - a recipe book from Isabelle

Smallplot - award for best agricultural advice on forum

Bullwinkle – visits from all DHF members to help with his “doe” problem

Baker – named US Ambassador to Mexico

CnC – a deeper shovel

Catscratch – New Rocking chair on porch, for sunsets and deer kills

j-bird – Phone App for calculating deer sightings per man hour

CTM1 – the World’s Complete Repair Manual

Familytradition – War paint for the whole family

Jvanhees – A winch to drag big deer from the woods, or a strong neighbor

Whippoorwill – Calendar of Big Boy sightings, with Whip himself in the December picture.

Chainsaw – more fingers and toes to count all the deer in the daytime

Farmhunter – an art gallery to display those awesome photos

wbpdeer – chestnuts roasting on an open fire, and a couple of puppies laying in front

And to all, more time on Stand, or Tractor seat, or ATV, or duck blind, and at the table with your family.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
Santa doesn't need to forget Lakngulf.

I think the perfect gift would be a Jack Lalanne Power Juicer. That way our friend Lak could recreate the first plague of Egypt on Lake Martin. With all those maters on the dock he could certainly turn both the Nile River and Lake Martin blood red for sure.

Merry Christmas Lak - we couldn't leave you out, or you might get your feelings hurt and move to Russia. Putin would be way too dangerous if he had a deep thinker like you on his team.
Love your thread Lak. You have us all figured out pretty well; We are quite a diverse bunch for sure. Merry Christmas to Lakngulf and to all other Deer Hunter Forum Members and guests.
ps. I think we should put Elk Addict down for a huge photo album to preserve his photo's of his Fisher Cat herd.
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That's a great list LnG! I would settle for the Kubota's to get over this flu right now...wife and I are Living on theraflu, NyQuil, and cough drops right now...

Merry Christmas everyone in case I forget in a couple days...
Merry Christmas to all. Hope everyone gets what they wanted. I am going to use my free time on a tractor seat if the rain stops.
That was hilarious. You are such a Hoot Lakn. Lakn, are you Santa Clause? Don't know about the others, but I'm all excited about my Seuss books. Hope my kids don't hog them.

Thank you for the Merry Christmas to all - it speaks well of you ole War Eagle. I hope everyone enjoys their holidays. I will get to see my family and that is the best gift in the world. Be nice to get some rootmakers loaded up after New Years College Football and start another batch of chestnuts.

One blessing I am thankful for is this forum - the people that got it started - and all the outstanding members we have.

God Bless all my habitat friends.

Lol! Absolutely awesome Lak! I'll never get to sleep tomorrow now for thinking about the perfect tree Santa is bringing!
A very Merry Christmas to you and yours and everyone on here. May you all have a blessed day with family and friends!

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That's a great list LnG! I would settle for the Kubota's to get over this flu right now...wife and I are Living on theraflu, NyQuil, and cough drops right now...

Merry Christmas everyone in case I forget in a couple days...

Have you tried a hot toddy?

Great thread lak! I'm with Native Hunter...Can't forget about lak. I"m gonna throw in a bigger sled to accommodate all those grand pups you spend so much time entertaining. A belated merry Christmas to all! Wishing all blessings and good health in 2018!