Rural property and global pandemics


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I think most states if not all have pretty tough restrictions at this point but, even in NY here they are encouraging people to get out and enjoy the parks and get some air. Just stay your social distance. I know my golf course is open. One person per cart or walk. Stay away from playing partners and don’t shake hands or move the flagstick. I figure the kids will be rolling in after a while so they have a little more room to rove out here in the country.

Yeah it’s a real bummer that WA completely shut down fishing. According to my friend that lives in the puget sound area, people were flocking to the beaches once everything in Seattle was shut down. Typical story where a few ruined it for everyone.

I think NE has a good approach. Turkey season is on but only for residents. No reason to incentivize people to bring the virus from more populated states.

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Hunting, fishing, and just general recreating has not been affected by Governor Abbott here, but some individual lake authorities have closed boat ramps because of too many people congregating at the ramps.

I haven’t altered my plans much at all, I was alone most of the time before the excrement hit the ventilator. Well, me and Sarge. I’m gonna continue on my normal spring routine. Spray where necessary, dodge the rain, put down lime and disc it in, dodge the rain, twiddle my thumbs while it’s raining, wait until the ground gets a little warmer, dodge some more, and plant.

As soon as I get my lime down, and my buddy gets a new water pump in his outboard, we are going fishing. We will be practicing social distancing though, because I slapped him in the mouth years ago with a spinner bait and he’s been social distancing ever since !o_O


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Fortunately I’m as far away as you can get from NYC and still be in NY. About 430 miles. I’ve started restricting my news watching to about an hour in the morning and an hour at night. I feel better about that and might impose more restrictions on myself down to 5 min a day.

2 hours a day. That's more than I need in 6 months anymore. If you could get the news instead of opinion, I might go back.


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Don’t know how many of you are near Reservations but, gas today selling between .65 and .68. A gallon here.
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