Restless pursuit on sportsmans channel

I have watched it a few times. He is a great archer, I'm just not into some of the shots he makes. I am sure he has some great tips on improving accuracy though.
I know Tim personally. Interesting guy. Damn near killed himself in Africa when a spear went through his leg.

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I saw that episode. Tough to watch. Not a lot of guys wired like that.
Anyone that is willing to chase a grizzly with a bow then shoot him in the head is different than most of us. Damn good shot though! I bet he's a hoot to hang out with.
He didn't try and hit him in the head, but in his cabin he has the skull. Still has broad head lodged through between eyes, pretty cool.

Tim can be a lot of fun, like I said I know him personally, but not overly well.

He's no question a great hunter and quite a personality. Some love him, some hate him. He works hard at his show and produces it himself.

Shoots a compound instinctively with no release and no sights. I don't care for some of the shots he chooses to take, but he sure doesn't miss much.

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