Remington Bankruptcy


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With a such a rich history in in America's founding, and as the designers and manufacturers of many fine products, I sure hate to see America's oldest gun maker Remington struggling to pay their bills. But that won't change how much I like my favorite 870 shotgun or how well it shoots.

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They stayed in New York to long and as far as I’m concerned and their quality has dropped. I have one of their rifles from the early 90’s and it is better than ones made today, but not as good as the ones made before it. It doesn’t help that the majority of people want a “lower priced” firearm arm and then complain when it is cheaply made and the manufacturers are doing their best to accommodate on all fronts. Firearms were less money back in the day, but they were expensive for the time and most people just bought one rifle to hunt with because they cost a months wages. Of course, they were also better quality. I am the same way when it comes to trying to save money, but I am also of the mindset, buy once/cry once. It took me until my 20’s to figure this out. You get what you pay for and generally never have to use the warranty when you buy a quality product.

Hope they get their ducks in a row and get sorted out. Maybe them buying up good companies only to shut them down and not use their products has come around to bite them in their proverbial arse.

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As much as i hate seeing this happen to any firearms manufacturer. i was sad until i realized all my remingtons sit at the back of safe now just like Doc said I've been buying quality the last 10 years and never looked back. Maybe this opens the doors for some of the other manufacturers to expand into low cost market.

Probably lot of factors going against them..not a democrat at the throne, so gun sales i would imagine are not what they used to be. Couple that with a decline in population of hunters.
Big corporations without good leadership have a tendency to get stagnant after a while. Remington had the engineering heft to bring new products like the Glock pistols, bolt action slug guns, and the ar15's on the market first, but instead they mostly sat around getting stale while new companies invented innovative products.
I think Mennoniteman nailed it. It's not just the gun business. You have to innovate. Look what having an accountant run GM in the 1980s caused. It took decades to get past that guy. If you are in the gun business, you need a smart "gun guy (or girl) running things. Colt is another example of this. They had the exclusive M4 contract for a long time. How much money was made off this? Certainly enough to rework the company and move to a more gun friendly state.
I haven't been too impressed with their last few entries into the handgun market. I wouldn't mind owning one of the original model 51's. Those were neat looking little pistols.