Remembrance Again


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You know I post this every year in some way. One on the list was a great teacher in my young football days. Watch the movie “ We are Marshall “ for a good evening.

Today we remember… today we grieve once again even 51 years later. They are our loved ones… our Fathers, Mothers, Grandparents, Brothers, Sisters, Husbands, Uncles, Aunts,… our family!

We Will NEVER forget them! They live on in us. We will make sure their memory is never forgotten!

Abbott, Capt. Frank, pilot
Adams, Jim, team member
Andrews, Mark, team member
Arnold, Charles “Red”, insurance executive & Arnold, Rachel, wife of insurance executive
Blake, Mike, team member
Blevins, Dennis, team member
Bluford, Willie, team member
Booth, Donald, game film
Brackett, Deke, assistant coach
Brown, Larry, team member
Brown, Tom, team member
Carelli Jr., Al, assistant coach
Chambers, Dr. Joseph, team physician & Chambers, Peggy, wife of team physician
Childers, Roger, team member
Cottrell, Stuart, team member
Dardinger, Rick, team member
DeBord, David, team member
Deese, Danny, charter coordinator
George, Gary, sports information student assistant
Gilmore, Kevin, team member
Griffith, Dave, team member
Hagley, Dr. Ray, team physician & Hagley, Shirley, wife of team physician
Harris, Art, team member
Harris Sr., Arthur, father of player Art Harris
Harris, Bob, team member
Heath, E.O., business executive & Heath, Elaine, wife of business executive
Hill, Bobby Joe, team member
Hood, Joe, team member
Howard, Tom, team member
Jarrell, James, supporter and Cynthia Jarrell
Jones, Ken, WHTN-TV 13 sports director
Kautz, Charles, athletic director
Lajterman, Marcello, team member
Lech, Rick, team member
Loria, Frank, assistant coach
Morehouse, Gene, sports information director and radio announcer
Moss, Jim "Shorty", assistant coach
Nathan, Jeff, The Parthenon student newspaper reporter
Nash, Barry, team member
Norrell, Pat, team member
O'Connor, Dr. Brian, director of admissions
Patterson, Bob, team member
Poat, Charlene, stewardess
Prestera, Michael, former Big Green president and delegate-elect to the W.Va. legislature
Preston, Dr. Glenn, team dentist & Preston, Phyllis, wife of team dentist
Proctor, Dr. H.D., team physician & Proctor, Courtney, wife of team physician
Ralsten, Murrill, Huntington City Councilman & Ralsten, Helen, wife of Huntington City Councilman
Reese, Scottie, team member
Repasy, Jack, team member
Sanders, Larry, team member
Saylor, Al, team member
Schroer, Jim, head athletic trainer
Shannon, Art, team member
Shoebridge, Ted, team member
Skeens, Allen, team member
Smith, Jerry, first officer
Stainback, Jerry, team member
Tackett, Donald, student trainer
Tolley, Rick, head coach
VanHorn, Robert, team member
Vanover, Roger, team member
Vaught, Patricia, stewardess
Ward Sr., Parker, automobile dealer
Weichmann, Norman, game film
Wilson, Freddy, team member
Young, John, team member
Zborill, Tom, team member


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