Remedy Ultra mixing ratio for Sericea??


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Need to spray some sericea this weekend and want some input on mixing ratio. I have read everything I can find on the internet and the consensus is 1-1.5 pints Remedy Ultra per acre in 10-20 gallons of water/surfactant/herbicide mix. That's great if I was spraying a pasture with a tractor, but I'm spraying odd shaped areas with an ATV sprayer, so there is really no way to measure sprayer output or vehicle speed. Dow says 1.5-2.0 ounces/gallon for spot spray and to soak the plant........again, great, but I'm using a boom sprayer which generally does not apply as much material as a spray wand.

What ratio or percentage have you used successfully??
You can/need to calibrate your sprayer to know how much chemical you are applying. You calibrate with water and a tape measure. There are plenty of YouTube videos on how to do this. It will help you save money, chemicals and time when spraying.
I am aware of that I mentioned in my original post, I was spraying odd shaped areas, not pastures or food plots. There is absolutely no way to maintain a constant speed and direction in the terrain I was spraying.......hilly, uneven ground with rocks the size of basketballs and larger that had to be dodged or jumped......and the rocks are buried in the foliage which was knee high.......calibrating the sprayer would have been an absolute waste of time........that's why I specifically asked for a mixing ratio.

Had I been spraying a food plot or pasture, I could have calibrated the sprayer and followed the amount of product per acre recommendation from DOW that I listed in the original post. I used the spot spraying ratio, figured I would have a better chance of killing the stuff at the stronger mix..
I use the spot spraying ratio in that situation and drive as close to the speed that "feels" right as I can. Other than that I can't help ya.

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