redneck gillie blinds

We have used a Redneck soft side on a five ft. stand now for two years and we all like it and plan to purchase more. The Ghillie looks to be similar to the soft side except for the actual outside material. We did need to put the puzzle floor in as it was a bit cool and even drafty without it. The puzzle floor eliminated the drafts and made the blind nice and cozy. I bought the floor puzzle parts from Sam's Club at around twenty two dollars or so rather than pay to have it shipped. The Softside is very roomy and the windows are great, all zippers work well. It's just what I'd expect from Redneck, a quality, highly functional and durable product. The soft shell covering is due to be brought in now as our hunting seasons are over but the metal framework part stays out all year with no problems so far.The Ghillie blind would be the same scenario; the cover part, the outside shell would be taken in for most of the off season. Our Redneck Softside has fifteen inches of snow on it right now from yesterday and another six so far from today and it is taking the weight just fine. Snow is dry though--not like water-soaked heavy like lead snow. Like all blinds it needs to be put out well ahead of actually using it to give the deer time to get used to it and they do.
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Thanks I take my cover off my muddy bale blind when done and store in a metal trash can with a lid so was going to do the same with the gillie. For just a little more I can go gillie over soft side.I was going to build a 5ft with wood floor using elevators brackets
If stored like posted above, How many seasons do you expect to get out of a soft sided blind like that ?
How long the soft side will last I don't know but to date it shows zero wear effects from two long seasons out (September till early December). No rips, tears or fading or stretching. I store the blind cover in a heated barn in the off season. The important thing of course is to be sure it is dry before folding up and storing which we do. Buckdeer, I hadn't heard of the Ghillie until your post but yeah it would be worth a little more for the right spot. The deer may acclimate to it quicker, maybe. However to date once the deer got used to the soft side blind in place they have paid it no attention that I could see when I'm in it.
My dad ordered 1 of the ghillie this year. It came with a free extra cover. They sent us the the wrong cover. So he calls them and they ship us a ghillie cover free of charge. 3 covers should last us a while. Great customer service.
Dang good deal there,i hope they do that for me.The thing I hate about pop ups is the color they change.I will make 5ft tall platforms for these and remove the covers when end of season.I was surprised they are on sale at redneck and cheaper than I could find anywhere with free shipping