Red Mulberry?


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Is this Red Mulberry?





I'm thinking it's a male. I don't recall seeing any fruit in the last couple of years.

That's probably the case. Remember if you find a smaller one you can topwork it to whatever mulberry that you want. Below is a picture of one I topworked to an Illinois Everbearing this spring - and YES, it produced mulberries off the scion wood.

I forgot to mention that IE is a hybrid. Whites, Red and Hybrids can all be grafted to each other with no problems.
Would grafting be out if the question?

It would be for me with a tree that large. You could try maybe doing some of the lower limbs, but I doubt you would be satisfied with the results. Personally, I would just buy a couple of Illinois Everbearing trees from a nursery and set them out the same as you would an apple tree. It won't be many years until you will have great fruit.

But you better hurry if you want to enjoy

Every living creature loves them

Once you taste the fruit, you will see why

I was looking to get a couple of those Mulberry trees. Im in Virginia , but a tree nursery that I trust near me said that zones 7 and 8 are experiencing " popcorn disease " and they recommend not planting them . Im not sure if you are in that planting zone but just FYI .