Really tiny deer

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I've been getting pics of a doe group where one of them is the size of a fawn. It has been with this group for 6 months. It never seems to grow. It eats the same as the rest. Any thoughts. I'll try not to delete any future pics.
I had one like that as well at my house for a couple years. We named her as she was easy to identify. Her fawns one year were the same size as she was in August except for head size. Just figured she was a midget!

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Shot one a couple years ago that had two fawns with her. Looked like a big doe. She was three years old and weighed 80 lbs live. Guess she was a coues deer on a walkabout.
2 years ago a fawn was coming into a plot I have close to the house that I monitor regularly. Very small just like the deer in the picture. It was always alone so my conclusion was the mother got killed somehow but the fawn knew where to bed and where to eat and just survived but very malnourished and was just going to be small. Then this year I have a doe that is on the smaller side with two very small fawns. I watched them all summer and fall. They were half the size they should be. Now I wonder if that small single I saw 2 years ago had fawns this year and it’s a genetic trait. Just seems too much coincidence.