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Morning, today is my "spraying" day for my clover plots. I have 3 and all are roughly 1/3 acre. I know many will say using any seed with a buck on the label is a waste of money. But I have found that Whitetail institute alpharack+ to be the best for clover. My plots are on year three and looking great and fuller than any year previously. I have cut twice once a rough (8 inch) to eliminate high weeds and last week a tight cut down to 4 inches. I usually use Raptor to control the weeds and it's great but the cost associated leaves allot to be desired at over $500 a gallon. On another forum a heard of IMOX and it is supposed to be a perfect substitute and only $275 a gallon so I purchased it and will be trying it today. Has anyone tried IMOX?
Sorry guys I just found a bunch of info and thread addressing this. I'll try to delete this thread.
Don't delete. Just show some pics of your spraying success. Always good to have diff experiences. I used Imox for first time this year and if it ever quits raining I might make it down to see how it did. Welcome to forum.
I'm with dogghr, don't delete the thread, share YOUR experiences. And I also agree with you on WINA clover. I've never used Alpharack, but I've planted their straight white clover mix, their clover/chicory mix, and their Extreme for well drained plots. None have been a disappointment. In fact I'm planting both Extreme and Fusion this fall.
FYI...Clearcast is the same stuff as Raptor only cheaper. I have not tried Clearcast yet because I still have some Raptor. I'd planned on trying Clearcast but now that IMOX is available, I'll buy whichever is the most economical.
Thanks guys I'll be posting pics as soon as they are worth posting. I did get a great shooter pic in the middle of may. I'll be devoting my season to him or 2 other beasts
HI Fix, Any updates here? Would love to see pics & hear how Imox worked for you. I'm thinking about trying this year on my clover fields
Look at some of my postings on Thunder at this site, it's almost the same product is Imox, slightly cheaper, and I have as good or better results with Thunder vs Imox.
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