I'm planning to spray some clover plots with Imox this weekend. Does anyone know how long I have to wait before I can overseed oats or barely, due to the residual effects of the spraying? Goal is to have to oats/barley fill in where the grass was. Thanks!
Welcome to the forum! They recommend 9 months for oats, 18 months for barley, however I have planted much sooner than that and it worked ok. What they're saying is that planting sooner is at your own risk, all that you have to lose is the seed, it will germinate but remain stunted if there's too much residual. I usually spray in the summer and plant oats the next spring with good results. Here is the carryover info for Imox;

I noticed that when spraying Clearcast /Imox in the fall, the up coming spring our plot looked a lot better! I was sitting in the turkey blind, looking at two fields with the same thing planted in them. One I sprayed a few weeks ago in the spring, the other was last fall and didn’t even need a spray this spring. From here on out I believe that I will spray the Clearcast/Imox in the fall. Touching up some things in the spring and summer months if need be.
Thanks for that info. I've been trying to determine if spring or fall treatment works better, so far my determination has been that either spring or fall works better than a midsummer spraying, probably mostly due to the taller weeds and faster growth rates.
Thanks. I think I'll give it until the weather cools a little around September, and see what happens. Or maybe switch to clethodim. I don't think there's many broadleaves, just grass.

Regarding timing, the label does talk about better effectiveness/residual, and a relationship with ground moisture. Summer tends to be dryer.
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