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Is it okay to spray the 2nd time in the spring and then broadcast seed on that same day?

I was under the impression I had to wait to broadcast after that 2nd round of spraying until the gly had done its thing?

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You can spray, let it dry into the tender growing plant (which translocates the chemical to the roots) and plant on the same day, yes.
Gly does its work within 1-2 hours of contact and it absorbs chemical. I spread seed then spray as I don't want seed sticking to any wet plants and not making it to ground. You can also mow couple hours after spraying gly with no prob with kill. Cleth and others require more time for absorbtion.
So the gly doesn’t harm the seed at all?

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You can plant seed, by broadcasting or incorporation, and spray gly a (amended to read) a day or two later. It can land directly on the seed, or on the soil covering the seed, and it will not hurt germination in any way. To do anything, gly must contact tender, actively growing green stuff, or otherwise be applied in such a way as to be translocated to the roots of a plant/tree (google hack n' squirt).
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Be careful on spraying glysophate a few days later unless you have Round Up Ready plants. It would be a waste to have your hard work just starting to sprout and gly kill it.
What maddog is saying it WILL hurt your crop IF your crop has begun to germinate. But as long as it's ungerminated seed gly will NOT affect it.