Question about small Shotgun Ammo


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Forgive me if this topic has been covered before, but out of curiosity, I'm seeing these "mini" shotgun shells, like 1-3/4" long.

Ok, cool, I imagine these are lighter than standard non-magnum loads.
But may I ask, are these Shells usable and will they properly feed and cycle-eject in shotguns such as semi-autos? Or Pumps?

Let's say use in my Belgian Browning A-5 Light Twelve?
Thank you.
I had to google it, never heard of mini-shotgun shells. Look kind of cool but doubt I have much use for them over a 2 3/4 unless they are cheaper and fun for plinking. I've found that with the rise of .22 ammo during obama's reign and the current ammo shortages... that a shotgun has become our choice for plinking. Good cheap fun for the kids!
I think some shotguns have some kind of adapter that makes the shorter shells feed, I’m almost certain I read that somewhere. If I didn’t, just chalk it up to senility........:)
A quick google search shows them available in #4 buck, regular shot sizes, as well as slugs. Also said they recommended them to be used in single or double guns for the best reliability. I read an article some time ago about them, and if I remember correctly, some guns would feed them while others would not. I still think that some manufacturer had made an adapter or mod that made them feed in a particular shotgun.

Ok, I had to do some more research. It seems Kel-Tec and Winchester shotguns cycle the mini shells fine, but Mossbergs and Remingtons don’t. Mossberg makes an adapter:) that makes its shotguns feed the mini reliably. Several companies made the mini shells but Aguila and Federal seemed to be the best.
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Forget about them. Good marketing. That’s it. Would you rather have 5 shells you KNOW will cycle or 9 that are ...... maybe?

Developed as a training round for hundreds of rounds through an o/u. That’s about all they’re good for. Who cares if your shoulder is a little less sore when you blast a dude breaking into your house?

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I have seen them at gun shows and the like and they seem more for just screwing around and having fun more so than anything...not that getting shot by one would feel good mind you. I do however agree in that I would rather have a known product in my gun when it comes time to defending myself. I don't need "dragon's breath" setting my living room on fire or the like. If it come to a shotgun....
2 3/4" of "get the hell out of my house" is the minimum as far as I am concerned!

Clint Smith said something to the effect of, "Handguns put holes in people. Rifles put holes thru people. A shotgun, with the right load, at the right distance will remove a hunk of $#!+ from a person on throw it on the floor!"