Pse bows

It is a great bow for the money. Should IBO in the 316 range. PSE discontinued that bow in 2013, iirc, and brought it back in 2015 as an updated Stinger X. It was one of better selling bows of the Mainline Series.
Yes, as Doc said, it is a Mainline Series built mostly for all the big box stores. I understand they are ok just know what you are getting. PSE make a Pro line and in one of those bows is the only place you will get their top of line technology, performance and accuracy they're famous for.
You get a lot for the money in a Mainline bow. Some of them even have the top of the line technology too. The Bowmadness is one of those bows now. I REALLY like the Drive R bow of the Pro Line series. It is $599.99 if you get the Ready To Shoot pkg, $499.99 bare bow. It has the Hybrid Cam so you get 2 cam performance, that acts like a single cam bow when it comes to timing. Works very similar to the Hoyt Cam and 1/2.
I got an old PSE compound bow from my uncle, but as is usual with old equipment, some things were missing. I'm looking for a manual, year of manufacture, model number or anything that will help me get more information about this bow. Specifically I'd like to decrease the draw weight from 60lb to 50lb, as I'm not yet quite strong enough to comfortably use it at 60lb. Someone was worried about the lack of a cable guard, but it looks to me like this is a bow with a single string instead of separate string and cables, which might be why there's no cable guard.
It would help to know what is written on the limbs our maybe on the riser somewhere(bow model). It could be written on a sticker on the bottom limb.....they wear off so it may not have a sticker. As for turning down the poundage, do you know if it was a 70b bow or 60lb bow? If you could post a few pictures of it, that would help also.
My son uses a PSE stinger. It was his first bow. This will be year three with it and he still loves it. It's plenty fast and shoots very smooth. I shoot an old Browning oasis set at 64 lbs. His is set at 56 and is every bit as fast as mine too.