Property Line Ideas/ and Plot Ideas

That is a large enough property where food plots much larger than 1/4 acre like say 1 1/2 to 2 acre average are likely possible and more effective. It is difficult to grow a good crop on 1/4 acre and to grow enough that the deer do not over work it. Before deciding on food plot sizes and locations though it might be worthwhile to clearly establish what you would like and expect the food plots to accomplish.
I would do 2 things first. #1 - define what you have. Document the current bedding areas, current feeding areas (plots and natural foods), document scrapes and rubs (new and old). Note all the various terrain features and edges, both hard and soft, note differences in cover types and density changes. Note the trails both within you property as well as where the deer enter and leave your property. #2 - investigate/look into a perimeter access trail, with the focus being on consideration of your prevailing wind want your scent to be spread on the neighbors place....not yours.


We have to work with what we have....we have to understand what we can change and what we can't (at least realistically). the biggest thing I see is that many times we put a plot where it is easy for us to do so without any real understanding on how the deer will use it OR how we will use it to hunt. This ends with a great plot that sees little daytime deer use and is nearly impossible to hunt all to often. I have done's no fun. The best tool we have to help us in our habitat efforts is between our ears!
j-bird hit the high points. A lot of what you need to do is focused on what already is probably in existence. Just accentuate what deer are doing for your benefit. If their movement patterns are determinantal to your plan adjust. Also using preexisting openings as a means to attract deer is typically a no-no, think about how decision to use those openings impact the deer. Im not saying you shouldn't, but incorporating food into these areas may ultimately be a bad thing as it relates to your design goals.

The idea of a perimeter trail is a great idea, also consider working on getting access from neighbors. Eventually access can change, but that may temporarily eliminate some negative stimuli on your property.

If you are focusing on supplemental food sources and types of seed, keep it simple. Think about what works best during the periods you want to supplement them (could be fall, summer or winter (or all)); this will ultimately shape the type of seed you plant. As an example, I love daikon radishes, I use that type of seed in almost all my fall plots, so its a fall attraction food source that works have a multitude of combinations to pick from based on your resources, but focus on the location and how the food will benefit your hunting and/or deer.

If you mind map a lot of the decisions on what to do, think about the how and when and most of the time you will find how complicated this can be... in reality and not to scare you but it takes time and focus to get the right amount of data to make a mgt decision to change something, especially if you want to make an educated decision. We could provide you a host of design options for your property, but having real data and boots on the ground and time to "truth" out theory is really the most appropriate way to do things.