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New member here. Lurked on QDMA for years before it was shut down. This is a property we have been to look at 2x. We may be doing a 1031 exchange to buy this property. We have always wanted a place of our own and are closer than we ever thought.


There is quite a bit that we like about this property.
It’s right around 200 acres
There is a creek with small spring that runs the entire east side
A variety of different trees on the place.
Has some decent openings already
I’ve had a chance to speak with a few of the neighbors. Guy to the N doesn’t hunt much, he’s a cattle guy. Guy to the south owns almost 400 acres that wraps around this place to the East. He is bordered to the East by very large ranches leased/owned by 2 locals who are very serious about the trophy Mgmt of their places. They own some and lease from extended family. Across the road to the west are parcels of 40 up to 200-300 acres.

I like the layout of the place, which is good because that is something hard to change. The cons would be the lack of utilities, no power, septic, water, lodging. I have got quotes for these and while yes expensive, it wasn’t as bad as I thought. Other than the creek, there is a pond, but it is kindve a joke. The current landowner didn’t put much thought into its construction or location.
He is having to sell the place finalize a divorce settlement.
While we aren’t dead set on this place, we do like it. I’m just curious to hear some feedback from the forum.

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Go for it! In ten years the price will look dirt cheap and you can sell it for a profit, it's a good investment. When you invest in the stock market you can't go hunting and fishing on your stock certificates.
Based on what I am seeing....with the core of the property being flat and high ground and the perimeter areas being sloped and the areas of cover most folks will want to put the plots in the flat area and will place stands at the heads of the various draws. I do not see perimeter access being realistic here. I would even question if the road access is acceptable or not. Based on where the cover is....any wind from the west or north is going to spread your scent all over the cover areas. So you need to keep that in mind as well. Not just your stand location but your access route to that stand needs to be as low impact as possible.... If what I see is what you where sort of thinking....also consider that as evening falls and the air cools, thermals are going to carry scent from the upper areas down hill. Without a steady wind to counteract that, evening hunts could be a challenge. Now consider that you may be trying to access stands from the top in the morning darkness...and that is where you may want to put some plots. That too needs to be considered as well. I think you will almost need a loop of a trail to connect all the draw heads together and have some sort of screen around it to facilitate am stand access as you try to hunt those deer that are moving from feeding in the plots in the am darkness and moving back into the cover. Look at the property from a hunting perspective. Try to formulate a plan before you buy that way you have at least some understanding of what you have to work with. Every property has limitations and issues. You simply have to figure out what you can work with and what you can't. Good luck.
Thanks for the feedback. This property sits right along the Texas Oklahoma border, most of our winds during the fall or hunting season are predominantly out of the south. I would definitely have to clear some trails around the perimeter, I was thinking about a big loop as you suggested. The east side of the property would be the hardest to deal with, that would be my biggest concern in terms of access. No real way to have any sort of road over there. The lines on the topo map are 10 foot drops, so it is not quite as drastic as what may seem. You make very valid points, that is exactly the kind of feedback I was looking for. Good points about the thermals

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Hunter side of me says i like the elevation...i'm not from TX, but would guess water source is key concern to consider down there. How about agricultural, you mentioned cattle grazing not sure what fields around there are Ag looks like some to east, but if that is the case evening sits may be tough to ever get access on the east side of property to cut them off from bedding on your property before they head to ag fields in evening. Any pinch points of crossing going to the creek on the south side? Is that Hwy 96 heavily traveled highway where you risk bucks getting hit?

The tax accountant in me says...what's the timber value on the land and make sure you check all the boxes for 1031 treatment. Purchase this property within 180 days of selling the old, did you identify the property with 45 days of selling the old, had clients that typically have tough time claiming "investment" for their hunting land with auditors, but it is possible.
I would not run cattle on this place. Most of the fields are Bermuda hayfields.
We haven’t sold any of our places yet, I was just trying to get a jump on finding a few places before we list. That way I have a good idea of which places to identify once we sell. There are some pretty heavy trails on the north and south end of that creek. I found a major scrape line on the south central to southeast part of the property last time I was out. Some of the scrapes were over 3 feet in diameter

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