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AEEDEF2C-614A-431C-9C99-E5403C74DB88.jpeg I had my property surveyed when I bought it back in 2015. All the corners are marked with tall metal posts and there are sporadic metal posts along the property lines. Trees were also flagged and sprayed with orange paint. I’ve gone out the last two years and sprayed everything again and added new flagging.

I would like to not only do a better job of marking the line more frequently (every 50 ft or so) but also would like to use something that lasts longer than paint and flagging. Considering the fact that I have just over 13k linear feet of boundary and taking into account that not all of it’s flat nor easily accessible, I’m looking for options other than more metal posts.

Found these orange, fiberglass markers over the weekend and am thinking about using them. They’re 48” tall and have reflective tape wrapped around them. I can get them for less than $1 a piece so I could do my whole property for less than $300. Anyone else used these? What else have you used?

I’m also looking at adding quite a bit of signage to indicate that this is a property boundary and that trespassing is strongly frowned upon.

Any input is welcome and appreciated.
Metal signs pre-printed with my name and address work here very well; They stay fresh looking for years. Mounted on boards with the reveal painted in fluorescent red they really stand out. Use six "horseshoe" type nails to attach to trees. Leave three nails not pounded in by a half an inch to handle years of tree growth. is the best source we have found to date.
For signage, I agree with Chainsaw. Voss Signs is the way to go.

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I don't have signs but I use up side down T post and if they are back in timber I set a regular T post straight out from the marker post at the edge of timber
I’d start with however your state defines what is required for a property to be legally posted. Here, specific size and verbiage is required on all corners and every 660’ (we post every 100’). I use preprinted Voss plastic and metal signs.
Fence...nothing better for marking boundaries and is the absolute best money I have spent on our property...deer come and go as they please and human intrusion is zero since I have done this...
T posts with a white, heavy wall, PVC pipe sleeve. Space them so you have a line of sight or at corners... this allows you to "connect the dots" so to speak and skip having to deal with rough areas and the like. If the PVC is too expensive, use old white or yellow quart size plastic oil bottles and wire them to the top of the posts. You just need a visual is all.

if you feel there is a real NEED for a marker every 50 need a fence.