Pre rut

About the time you start seeing scrapes really start kicking off. Bucks will be cruising checking those scrapes looking for the 1st does coming in estrous. But a drag walking into your stand never really hurt me in the past. It actually made for an entertaining hunt. Had a yearling follow me into the stand one afternoon literally stayed 20 yards behind me. I went out and made a big circle then hung the drag. I watched that little buck run that circle like a nascar race. He'd make a pit stop and check the rag then back to circling.

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If the big bucks are not ready they might spook, younger bucks get excited and follow along. Are you a meat or trophy hunter?

I personally don't drag any longer as there are other animals that might react where I have been hunting lately. Buy when I did those were my results.

Now I have been known on an late morning start to use an eye dropper to leave 1 drop randomly every 20 to 50 yards. That seems to work better for me.

But, you need to work your sounds correctly around here, if it is too aggressive they get shy, not aggressive enough they will walk away.

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