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Voss signs. I buy both plastic and metal (I don’t use backers). Don’t remember price but I’ve been happy with the service.
We use metal signs only and put them on backer boards on trees narrower than the board. The board is then painted on the back in fluorescent red. It shows us and our guests the property borders from a distance so we know not to shoot across or even towards the lines when the backer boards are visible and of course it keeps us from accidentally crossing onto any neighboring property. Likewise the backer board edge and front edge are also painted to help the neighbors easily see where the lines are as well. Some neighbors are not too happy with the fluorescent red paint but it helps keep our bullets from crossing into their property and hopefully keeps some of them from shooting towards us as well.

I buy from as well and have them print our name and address on each sign. No magic marker or paint pens tried have lasted like Voss preprinting lasts. The metal signs stay fresh looking for years. Cost preprinted per 100 signs w/shipping has varied depending on the sale but so far they have been at or less than $120 per 100.
I’ve used the Voss signs. The heavy duty plastic are 1/8 inch thick and need no backer. They are pre drilled and will not fade. They will last forever.. once and done.
I use molded plastic signs by Moldcraft. Can't say enough good things about them. I've had them up for 8 years and they look like new.

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I use custom metal street signs attached to actual street sign posts. I buy from a local company... Not super cheap, but will last a lifetime.
I have 35 acres of millet Sudan grass and grain Sourgum that lays right next to a gravel road. Being 10 miles from the state line I get alot of out of state bird hunters. What is the proper distance apart 100 yards?