Planting Winter Rye in the Spring


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Any of you planted WR in the Spring? If so, what were the results? I don't expect it to go to seed but I've got a few bags left over & thought of spreading it soon...
If you want to spread it, to have something green growing in your plot, because you've already paid for it, go for it! It will help with weed control and pull some nutrients out of the soil, for your fall planting.

If you want to spread it to get something growing for deer food, I'd choose something else.
It will grow fast and give you something growing but is ideal when planted in the fall. Is there anything growing there right now---maybe some clover? Rye is a good thing to have growing anytime in my opinion.
Thanks guys. 2 of my plots (clovers, brassicas, etc.) have been hammered pretty bad by the deer. It's horrible mountain soil up here & a decent amount of shade also. The WR did pretty darn good considering last year...
I’m going to plant Alfalfa and clover this spring, and I also have some left over and I’m going to mix it in with the alfalfa and clover seed for a cover crop. Has anyone tried this in a spring cover crop?
Feed it or keep it in the shed. One of the benefits of spring cereals is that they go from tiny and juicy to big straw biomass. If you found that rye somewhere, good chance that same outfit will have other spring cereals you can plant. If it's a wet area, I'd go with an early oat, if it's normal or dry, I'd go with barley. Extra credit for awnless spring barley.