planting willows


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My ground is along a river that is pretty sandy so we constantly fight erosion and this year with all the rain I have probably lost 10ft of bank.I have tried planting willow stakes before but they haven't rooted.I have successfully used stakes around ponds lots of times.Wondering if root starter would really help or should I start in root maker bags
I have a cup full of willow starts on my counter as we speak. Cut the limbs, throw in water, let it root and leaf out, plant.
Will they root in winter so they would be ready to go in spring or would you think root starter and starting in spring
Doing it in the winter is kind of an experiment to me. I started them a couple of weeks ago and they've really taken off. Not sure how they will do over the long haul though, hopefully they make it until spring.

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Trying to post a pic for you but can't get it to happen... pretty frustrating!

Anyway, the 11yr old has been wanting a weeping willow in the yard all summer. I haven't found one for sale so when we went to Island park for a fun-run we broke off a branch before coming home. Once home we stripped the leaves off and cut it into approximately 12" sections. After that we stuck them into a drinking glass full of water and set it on the counter-top. No root stimulator, no lights, no nothing other than a cup of water. They all sprouted roots and then leafs. Been growing well ever since!

Oh snap! I just realized I can text you pics. I'll send you a couple of pics this morning so that you can see what's going on.
Following along.

I just ordered 50 Sandbar Willows from MDC that should be delivered in Mar. I'm hoping they do well so I can take my own cuttings in the future.
Just put my willows in the ground this past weekend. I will try to update with pics throughout the summer and fall.

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