Planting new dirt


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I recently expanded a few food plots and made a couple new small plots.. the ground is bare dirt right now. I plan on discing, smoothing and adding lime in a few weeks.
My question is about when to plant my spring mix? Do I need to wait until the grasses and weeds sprout up in April, then treat with herbicide to kill them? Or is it ok to plant the new bare dirt and use the grasses I am planting to try to control the weeds? I plan on planting a couple different crops in different areas to experiment with.... probably sunn hemp and buckwheat.
Every time I have tried to plant before spring green up it didn't end well for my plot. Usually I would have a weedy mess. In GA your growing season is a longer so yours might be able to get a jump start on the weeds but up here I can never seem to make it happen.
I'll third that. In the South, I always wait and nuke the weeds I know are coming---but not to late because while native stuff is growing good it will take grazing pressure off your plot.