planting clover late


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I close on a new piece of ground this week and it has a couple acres of mowed grass that I want to turn to clover.In SC Kansas.I think it's too late but was going to spray and broadcast since it is mowed really short already.just worried to late. Our first frost was today.I am thinking about drilling wheat after spraying and hope I kill out some of the grass before spring and planting clover then
If you do what you suggest -- and it fails, what's the cost? If you don't do what you suggest, it won't fail -- but, what's the cost?
A couple of acres? We could go into a long summary (is that an oxymoron?), of the measures of risk and probability of success, but the numbers don't matter as much as what you think about the situation.
Seed is relatively cheap, comparing it to other aspects of our passion, so why not ? This ain’t Kansas Dorothy, but my son and I replanted three plots yesterday here at home because of drought (and hogs). Wheat and MRC that he and I already had, so maybe it will and maybe it won’t, but you can’t win if you don’t enter.
Agree with what others said. I’m in a similar situation but it’s drought related. Our frost window is rapidly approaching but chances of rain are improving, thank the Lord. I’m gonna sow medium red clover tomorrow.
It may not develop enough this fall to draw and feed deer but maybe it’ll get established enough to survive the winter. I’ll frost seed the plots any way. I say sling the seed and pray for rain.