Planted my third large Chinkapin and my first Sawtooth Oak.

So far, the large Sawtooth is alive and well, but no acorns. I planted another four that were seedlings and they seem to be doing well at this point. I am hoping next year I'll get some acorns and plant a few along the sandy creek line. I may chose to buy another large sawtooth and a Bur in February and plant them at camp, Fingers crossed, they will have a few more available.

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It is getting harder to find sawtooth saplings but I think MDC still offers them.Plant with a tube and they grow pretty fastsawtooth2017.jpgThis was planted 3 years ago as a seedling
Wow, how tall is that? If I get half that kind of growth in three years I'll be thrilled. What kind of rain fall do you get in your area or are you watering? I tubed them and mulched over the weed barrier I put down, but we only average 22 inches or so of rain fall a year in SW Oklahoma. I do supplement with periodic watering in the summer but I have to haul it in.

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