Pine Needles?


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Have any of you ever mulched your fruit trees with pine needles? My grandparents always put pine needles around the base of their trees in the yard to keep from having to weedeat years ago.
Well, just read a thick mulch of pine straw will most likely attract rodents. Oh well, guess it’s back to gravel. You know what they say about gravel around here, if you can’t get grass to grow in your yard, gravel it and you’ll be mowing the thickest yard around in no time. :rolleyes:
I use them for my container grown chestnuts

Personal observation suggests improved water retention,less evaporation

no data or references.......trial and error in texas heat

No and no. I tried pea gravel one time but every time I cut near the trees—-holy cow.
Sorry for all the questions, last one, have you mulched trees in this way in a yard setting or in places that don’t get all.
Both. My orchard settings at the farm get mowed once a year—-usually in September. I keep weeds at bay with glyphosate.