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Ok guys, i decided to grow quite a few less trees this year since I did way too many last year. I had about 100 Dunstan hybrid nuts in the fridge and I was gonna grow maybe 20 of the best seedlings. Sometime over the winter I had water leaking into the crisper and all of the nuts ended up moldy. I no longer have anything to grow this year and I now have the itch.
The persimmon seeds pictured came from fruit that dropped last fall. A bunch of fruit fell onto a concrete pad that is around our barn. The fruit rotted away and left all these seeds just sitting there. I put them in a cup of water and got rid of the floaters. My question to you all is there any chance of these seeds still be viable after sitting out in the elements all this time? If so, what is my next step on germinating these guys? I have grown persimmon before but the seed I used had passed through the guts of raccoons so they were ready to go.
Any suggestions?

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I don't know much about that but common sense tells me that's the way God intended for them to work. Natural seeding isn't coddled, it just happens, albeit at a low percentage. Worth a try !