Peel, slice and core in one step. I love dehydrated apples.

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You can add some cinnamon or other spices if you want, but I like them just fine with nothing else added.


I'm at it again and have some numbers for anyone interested. My 9 tray Excalibur drier will hold approximately a heaping 2 gallon bucket full of mixed sized apples. It takes me roughly an hour to peel, slice, core, add seasoning, load the trays and the clean up the mess. After that you just dry until you get the desired crispness - likely 12 hours or more. I set my timer on 12 hours and will check in the morning to see if they need anymore. The only other thing I will do is possibly rotate the position of the trays sometime before going to bed tonight.

I'm doing some experimenting this time. Along with cinnamon apples and plain apples, I'm trying honey, lemonade and chocolate flavors. I will let you know if any of these are better than cinnamon or plain. This time I am using exclusively Summer Champion apples, because that is what's ripening right now. Some of them are nearly 4 inches in size, but the average is more like 3 inches.


Where in the world did you get that peeling, coring, slicing contraption ?

Lots of places sell them. I recommend looking on Amazon at all the different one. You don't have to buy from them, but it is a good place to look at the different ones. They make them with two kinds of bases - suction and clamp. I have both types. The suction works well on a surface like plexiglass, and the clamp type has to be used at the edge of a table.
How long could dehydrated apples last on the shelf?

Months in an airtight bag or jar, and much longer if you freeze them. I've only frozen the ones that have been dried to the point where they will still bend. I've never frozen the crispy chips, so not sure if they would still be crispy after freezing them. We also have a never used vacuum bag sealer. I'm going to pull a vacuum on some chips this time and see how that works.

I've got another 3 gallon drying right now. A Tip - the ones I made with salt are too salty. So far(1) just plain and (2) with cinnamon and sugar are the best.
My cinnamon apple chips have been a big hit during the Christmas holiday season. Pulling a vacuum on them has kept them nice and crisp for 3 months. I will open some more in 3 more months and see how we do then, but I think they are going to be just fine.

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Granny used to peel and slice up limbertwig apples and dry them on the back shelf of her Ford LTD. Used to love to get in that thing and smell the apples.