Pear tree transplant?


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Yesterday one of my neighbors came by and wanted to know if i would help him cut down two pear trees that he planted way to close to his house a couple years ago. They are about 2ft apart and 4-8ft from his house. They are around 15ft tall and 4" truck at the base of the tree. I asked if i could transplant them to my hunting woods about 10miles away and he said that was fine, the wife just wants them gone. Whats the best way to dig them up or am i just going to kill them trying? I will prep the two spots i want to plant them ahead of time so the area is ready and i can drop them in there new homes. Anything recommendations on the prep work of the trees and the holes I'm planting them in?
It would be nice if you could do what I did with several apple trees shown in the pic below that had to be moved due to a road, but I know that probably isn't practical in your case.

Just get as much root with dirt still attached as possible.
Do it in the fall after the trees go dormant.

PS: All of our apple trees lived, and most had small crops the next year.

Wow thats a big tree to transplant. I think native hunter moved some big apples but he did it with a backhoe. My advice would be wait til the trees are dormant dig the biggest hole you can and make sure the roots moist and don't dry out during transport. Then before spring I'd prune them back pretty good.
Here is my backhoe. But i will do my best get as much root/dirt as possible.


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Should i prune before or after i move them? How is propagation from cuttings when it comes with pears?

I would move them when they are dormant. Prune before they leaf out this spring. Propagation of pears like most fruit trees from cuttings is pretty difficult.